Are you interested in an investment opportunity with us?

A little background – we are a privately funded company ($500... really) that literally began in the basement of our founder's apartment when he began hand screen printing Turbo Flyers in 2013. Matt Tait has developed TAIT Design Co. into what it is, while working a day job as an Associate Creative Director at one of the top advertising agencies in Michigan. In September of 2015, he left that job and career path with over 8 years of experience to pursue TAIT Design Co. full time.

TAIT Design Co. has come pretty far from the humble beginnings of that basement – we've won awards, and had our work in numerous online and physical publications. Astonishingly, we are currently working with over 70 retail partners globally with new stores and distributors contacting us weekly. We feel like we've only scratched the surface.

Our vision is to grow TAIT Design Co. into one of the great American design companies.

We are looking for someone that doesn't first ask us how much we've made in the past two years, but sees the vision and potential for what we can become with the proper resources.

The ideal resources you would provide are:

  • Capital to purchase raw materials in bulk to lower our overall unit costs and increase margins. This could result in potentially lowering the cost of goods to the consumer to be more competitive, increase sales, and achieve scale.
  • Capital for, and expertise in, scaling up our manufacturing. Either finding the correct vendor within the US, or establishing a facility with equipment in which we will produce the goods under one roof, responsibly, with impeccable quality. 
  • Capital for hiring full time dedicated talent: accounting, sales, communications, design, and production.
  • Expertise in working with distributors.
  • Expertise in fulfillment.

We also expect of you a hands-off approach to our product development process and sensibility to the types of retail partners we will work with to avoid brand-erosion.

We stand for the following and we hope you do too.

  1. Design Leadership. 
  2. Quality Over Quantity. 
  3. Social Impact.
  4. Sustainability.
  5. Responsible Manufacturing. 

We are very excited about the future potential of this company, it's going to be big. If you share that vision, let us know.

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